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What kind of soil mix do you use for lithops? I have one that needs to re potted badly but I'm afraid to put it in something that could kill it.




The soil mix I used is the same as I pot all my cacti in, composed of roughly 20% topsoil (or you could use coir/compost/loam etc. if you wanted) and 80% mineral aggregates (I use a combination of clay cat litter and grit). Generally, Lithops want a soil mix which will retain a little bit of water, but is very light and airy at the same time. Pumice is a great aggregate to use since it holds a lot of air, due to it’s open porous structure. The cat litter (hard-fired molar clay pellets, similar to Turface in the US) I use has similar properties to pumice. :) It might take a little experimentation, since climate will impact on what you should use as well.

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